Cuz it’s that big!

This is not just about Hoboken, but the impact here was as big as any event in Americans’ lifetimes.  So we’re taking a moment to mark it.  About a week ago, we heard the US President would not be attending this historic event: the 20th year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the largest liberation of humanity in our lifetime.  We understand there was no award, no money or accolades for President Obama. For those too young to understand the massive importance of what occurred, take a look.  No, this was bigger than your first iPod, trust us. Here’s some historical context: 

Is there any doubt if this man was President where he’d be today? 

And contrast to this, which the media is practically silent on.  Watch it in its entirety, unedited and the full context of the remarks.  Anything vaguely unsettling?

 There is some deja vu as what seemed over isn’t.  And to read more on that you click here.

Update: One reader noted Obama made a proclamation (saving taxpayers lots of money) but there was also a video he sent where the world’s leaders past and present gathered to mark the fall of the Iron Curtain.  Here’s a link to the remarks. We note, Obama mentions John Kennedy and himself but not President Ronald Reagan or the UK’s Margaret Thatcher.  At all.  (What did JFK have to do with defeating the Iron Curtain?  Good question.)  Obama leaves to Norway later this month to collect his Nobel Prize award.   

And one last link giving the history where both Truman and Reagan played a large role in bringing down “the evil empire” without a major conflict between the two nations over four decades.  The professor who wrote it notes this was the first time in history such an event has occurred. 

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