Cunningham: “Congratulations… adding exposure to the City of Hoboken.”

Hoboken suffers from large legal bills and it’s been a problem for years with multi-million costs annually.  The Hertz Connect program where the city adopted Corner Cars parking spots extension was a knock down drag out affair with the new majority absolutely intent on if not scuttling it and getting the cars off the streets where the public has welcomed them overwhelmingly, then moving to prevent the adoption of a required ordinance for the parking spaces over the balance of the two year contract.  (Relocating the cars as needed for more desireable locations around town is permitted by contract.)

In this five minute segment, a key battle is being waged with the mayor’s minority fighting for a State required ordinance to be adopted preserving parking rights for the Corner Cars for the duration of the contract.  The new ‘majority’ having been punked in the battle of public opinion (it could only arrange two in opposition) retreats from an attempt to push the cars into garages (pushed by Councilwoman Beth Mason) and was dead on any chance of the ordinance passing.  Alternatively, the resolution was gutted and a 200 day extension added, even though Corporation Counsel Buzak repeatedly says the parking spaces need to be instituted by ordinance is REQUIRED BY STATE LAW.

When you place petty politics above the law, this is what further lowers the environment in Hoboken and the Council (the number of disrespectful interruptions of a Council person speaking by another was at a record high) while putting the city at risk of being in breach of contract.  That risk of a breach was also stated by the Corporation Counsel.  Councilman Nino Giacchi was unmoved by that even though he is a lawyer by profession and he took an oath as other Council members to uphold the laws of our town as well as the State of New Jersey.

MSV sent an email asking for him to reply on his follow up to Corporation Counsel and come back with an explanation on what is presently required for the Hertz Connect contract.  Councilman Giacchi acknowledged receipt of the email and replied he’s reached out to the Corporation Counsel on this matter.

At the last City Council meeting, Councilman Giacchi focused on the implementation of the contract and the incorrect application of a 90 day resolution at the Hertz Connect contract’s inception.  He’s voicing how it was “illegal” to do so – quite odd for someone who co-sponsored the Corner Cars program.  Councilman Giacchi should be addressing the requirement of State law presently if this is his overwhelming concern.

It’s the Council of No Four already full out in politrickin mode.  If a legal bill arises as a result, they should be held directly responsible.  If Councilman Giacchi who is a practicing lawyer allows petty politics to leave Hoboken in such legal exposure, he shares equal culpability.

Councilman Peter Cunningham is right.  Congratulations to Council members Terry Castellano, Mike Russo, Tim Occhipinti, Beth Mason and Nino Giacchi for their big victory on not upholding their sworn oath and putting Hoboken in legal jeopardy.

Petty politics and politrickin over common sense, it’s Hoboken don’t ya know.

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