Cunningham and Giattino elected Council President and VP as speech suppression by Occhipinti kaput

Peter Cunningham is back as Council President for a second run.  He served last in 2009-2010
Councilwoman Giattino was elected Council VP

Last night’s meeting was relatively a quiet affair with a low summer turnout.  As MSV predicted in our earlier report, Councilman Peter Cunningham was elected Council President and Councilwoman Jen Giattino elected as Council VP.

Both were elected by 7-2 votes.  Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti voted no for Cunningham and again Mason was joined by Terry Castellano voting no on the VP nod to Giattino.

Ironically the City Council last voted 9-0 to give the council chair to Beth Mason after a midnight power grab by MORTe. Mason has voted against every Council President since.

The big issues:

The Washington St. bond to repave passed 6-3 with Mason voting yes “on introduction” meaning she is not committed to voting yes when it returns at the next meeting.

Tim Occhipinti’s ordinance to control board members speech went down in flames.  The Acting Corporation Counsel informed the body they did not hold the legal authority to even pass any measure on the local board members.  It’s governed by the State of NJ.

Occhipinti claimed a lawyer who he would not name says otherwise.

Council President then asked for a motion to table as Occhipinti refused to withdraw his illegal ordinance.  It was none other than Councilman Michael Russo who motioned.

6-3 the motion to eject Occhipinti’s power grab to control the speech of Hoboken board members failed.  He was joined by Beth Mason and Terry Castellano in the failed effort.

Da Horsey spoke in public portion on the matter and noted that perhaps Beth Mason was the person paying for the legal fees in the failed suppression.

More to come.

Mason after the request.

Talking Ed Note:  MSV will provide the details and the video information of Mason’s remarks after Da Horsey’s request the Mason Civic League records be made public as required by law.

MSV noted in public portion it did not wish to visit the Mason Civic League headquarters at 921 Hudson Street, the Mason home.  The documents can and should be made public.  Mason’s response is the request is not sufficient.

ANY member of the public can go to 921 Hudson Street during business hours and verbally ask to inspect the Mason Civic League documents and/or obtain copies for a small copy fee paid in cash.

By IRS statute, Mason must make the records (Forms 990 and 1023) of the Mason Civic League available – same business day.

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