CT shooter’s brother lives in Hoboken

The shooter in Newtown, CT allegedly behind the shootings involving 27 deaths 18 among them children  has been identified as Adam Lanza, 20.

Lanza’s brother, Ryan 24 in Hoboken is not a suspect. Media reports earlier are confusing the two.

MSV was on the scene and heard there are two people connected in some way in custody at the Hoboken Police Department.  That information remains unconfirmed.

The alleged shooter went to the school killing his mother with the other victims.

Upper Grand Street in Hoboken, the scene of media and law enforcement.

Talking Ed Note:  A number of early media reports gave the wrong brother as the alleged shooter due to id found by law enforcement on the crime scene.  The number of media and law enforcement descending on Hoboken was significant and MSV arrived on upper grand to see a large CNN truck driving to the location as well.

Apparently, the police in Connecticut had sent out the misinformation and it snowballed from there.

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