County: Michele Russo not hired for overnight supervisory job

The County job for an overnight supervisory role is not filled and Michele Russo’s application although submitted has not moved to her landing the position according to a Hudson County source.

Both the Hudson Reporter and Jersey Journal reported almost two weeks ago Michele Russo had landed the full time position that includes taxpayer paid health benefits with the latter stating she would start immediately.  Hoboken Patch has not written about the story stating its work on the issue is continuing.

On background,  a County source indicated the position is not filled although no specific information on the number of applicants and interviewed candidates was available.  It was unclear if additional applications could be submitted for the role.

Michele Russo prays for a Hoboken411 hatchet job story to her friend Lane Bajardi at a  City Council Meeting.  
Is she still praying for a County job with taxpayer paid health benefits?

The delay in possibly hiring Michele “five bucks a tow” Russo is unclear although there have been dozens of calls to the County by Hoboken residents and taxpayers questioning the consideration of such a hire.
One source intimate with both the County and Hoboken’s Old Guard noted the reason for putting Michele Russo into a County job was to aid her husband ex-mayor and convicted felon Anthony Russo obtain health benefits. The City’s taxpayer paid health benefits were halted after an audit revealed the error going back to 2006.
Although the County is aware any decision is public information it’s not detailed where the hiring process stands but acknowledged if Michele Russo was hired, “you’ll know about it.”

There’s no indication who will be hired for the position.  One account says last Monday Anthony Russo called the Jersey Journal and yelled at an editor claiming his wife was not seeking a county job.

Talking Ed Note: Is there a pause here until the heat is off or will the undue attention block the County from hiring Michele Russo?

Related: The original Hudson Reporter story detailed FBI recordings of Michele Russo allegedly seeking $5 per tow kickbacks in 2006.  Oddly that’s around the same time, Anthony and Michele Russo were put back on Hoboken’s health benefit rolls when ex-mayor Dave Roberts was in charge.

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