County legislator candidates file for Freeholder

Yesterday was the filing deadline for Freeholder and as the clock wound down, the end of week announcement by candidate Phil Cohen put any possible Ruben Ramos candidacy out of its misery. 

Ramos had been trying to sell county leaders on backing him saying he was earning support but in the end no one bit and worse, Phil Cohen locked up the big guns as exclusively reported by MSV last Friday.

Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano has filed to defend his two term seat while Ramos acolyte and 5th ward perennial council candidate Perry Belfiore tossed his hat in the ring  joining Phil Cohen in another three way Hoboken race. 

Freeholder candidate Perry Belfiore submits to a locks inspection by Grafix Avenger back in 2010.

A source close to the Belfiore campaign acknowledged it submitted over 200 petitions.

A fourth Jersey City based candidate also filed, believed to be Adela Rohena who has run previously for Jersey City council.
Last November, a three way race aided Mayor Zimmer and a similar lineup will prove problematic for Romano who engendered some animosity from the Old Guard camp and especially among the Ramos campaign as he flat out refused to endorse his “friend” for mayor. Instead Romano reportedly spent time on election day at the Frank “Pupie” Raia – Beth Mason HQ.
Last night Romano kicked off his campaign with a fundraiser at La Cantina next door to Texas Arizona. The result may have been less than to Romano’s liking.
This is a three way race with a fourth unknown yet to be determined how effective from the Jersey City side.
The big election date is June 3rd – the Democratic Primary which will determine who will be Hoboken’s county representative.
And they’re off!

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