Countdown to our 2014 Hoboken Super Bowl Events

Hoboken 2014 Events Committee announces:

Happy New Year. It has been a busy few months here in Hoboken—hopefully now we can move forward with some of the Super Bowl initiatives we had set out upon before our attention was obviously needed elsewhere.
First and foremost, I hope everybody reading this has been able to recover from any damage sustained during Hurricane Sandy. The Events Committee is in the process of producing a few testimonials of storm stories from Hoboken. The first two can be viewed here:
Barney from Nag’s Head:
Jim from Guitar Bar:
Another initiative that will begin next week will be done in partnership with the Board of Education. Any children interested in participating are asked to submit a piece—it can be one paragraph, a few sentences or even a drawing—that fits the theme: “What I Love About Hoboken”.
The child must be enrolled in a Hoboken school—private, public or charter. Winning entries will again be chosen by a group of panelists. Children whose work is selected will be asked to read their essays or explain their pictures on camera so that the recordings can then be compiled into one video, with multiple children of all ages telling the world what there is to love about Hoboken.
A little history of our committee…
As you may know, last year Councilwoman Jen GiattinoDirector Leo PellegriniRyan Sharp and I went to Indianapolis with the mission of gaining a firsthand view of the Super Bowl preparation and hosting operations. Although the Councilwoman, the Director and Mr. Sharp did not attend the actual game, it was the first “greater Super Bowl experience” for them. Personally, it was my fourth Super Bowl, and I did enjoy great seats for the game.
On May 1, 2012 we had the first meeting of the Hoboken Host Committee, with about 20 people in attendance—including Hoboken Mayor Dawn ZimmerChief of Police Anthony FalcoFreeholder Anthony Romano, several members of the business community and the most welcome group, our “interested” residents.
Over the summer, we successfully completed our first initiative, Hoboken Monday Makeovers. With the cooperation of Mayor ZimmerCouncilwoman Giattino, and the lovely daughter of Committee members Mike & Allison Dunn, several members of this committee volunteered their time and equipment to produce a series of makeover shows using hair salons in town, local makeup artists and several boutiques around town. The series was hosted by Jen Rabbit Ring of Mile Square Theatre, and you can find the episodes here:
Hoboken Monday Makeovers:
On September 10, to coincide with the first Monday Night Football game, we held our second meeting—featuring over 50 people in attendance! At that time I took the opportunity to fill in the group in regards to what had occurred since the inaugural May meeting, mainly the above topics and also several other items of importance:
-We had a visit from FOX Sports executives to look at Hoboken locations for sets and camera positions.
-We are meeting with ESPN to show them potential locations for set and camera positions as well.
No formal decision has yet been made, but both networks have said they will either use Times Square or Hoboken. That is not a bad position for us to be in at this point in time. Although this past NFL season was a disappointment for both the Giants and Jets, it has proven to be a success for Hoboken as many television crews stayed at the W and were quite impressed with our city. We hope to be able to expand on this momentum during next season and reach out to the 15 visiting teams in an effort to coordinate fan packages surrounding their teams’ trips to MetLife Stadium.
Moving forward…
Right before the Christmas holiday, Councilwoman Giattino and I had a follow-up meeting with the NFL, and the most important piece of information we learned that day is that it is ok to go after our own sponsorship for events we plan.
Right now we are in position to make a deal with the U.S. Curling Association to have street curling lanes in Hoboken on Super Bowl weekend and then continuing through the month of February during the Winter Olympics, which begin five days after the Super Bowl. We are looking for sponsorship to offset the cost of the construction of the lanes, which would allow the people to curl during the Super Bowl for free.
Another item that we are optimistic will take place once Sinatra Field is completed will be anNFL Play60 event, which emphasizes the importance of exercise among school-age children. To learn more, visit:
NFL Play60
During the next meeting we will be discussing some of the early 2013 events that we will do as the Events Committee. These will be good events for the community that are meant to be enjoyed by both kids and adults. From these events we will try to raise money to create a working budget for our Committee, as one of our mission statements is to accomplish all of this without a burden on the taxpayers.
The other main purpose of these early events is trial and error. Hopefully there isn’t much error, but doing a few small events over the next few months will allow Chief Falco to see how we can best handle issues such as crowd control and the allowance of outdoor drinking spaces. They will allow Mayor Zimmer and the City Council to hear feedback from our community. And finally, they will allow us to brand our name—letting people know that when they see a Hoboken Events Committee event around town, it will be done with dignity, class and an overall good vibe.
Getting involved…
So how can you help???  Well this is a volunteer committee so, please let us know how you can help. Can you get sponsors? Do you know a celebrity that could attend? Can you provide a prize for any of our competitive initiatives? Are you more into logistical planning of any events? Wherever your interest lies, there is room for you on our committee. All these events will help build a brand name for the Hoboken Host Committee around town and if the community trusts us, they are more likely to be open to our ideas around the Super Bowl itself.
As for the Super Bowl, it really won’t be until after THIS Super Bowl—which takes place on February 3, 2013 in New Orleans—that the 27 NFL Sponsors, the Network Partners and the NFL itself will really begin committing to things. So between now and then, it’s more about building a brand for our town and our committee.
Between now and then, please continue to spread the good wordLike us on Facebook. The more members of the community that involve themselves in this, the more we will be speaking for the entire community on what we believe it takes to make Hoboken a successful Super Bowl, for ALL of Hoboken.
That’s it for now. Never hesitate to ask questions, give me feedback on anything or offer any ideas to the group. No idea is too small, and this committee already has the resources to accomplish any initiative.
As I say that, THINK BIG—it’s the Super Bowl!!!
For more information please e-mail:
—Scott Katz
Hoboken Events Committee

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