Countdown to Hoboken Election Day

From the desk of Forward Together:

Dear friends and neighbors,

It’s just one short week until the Tuesday November 8th election, and we’re working hard to spread the word to ensure high voter turnout! A School Board seat was decided by only 34 votes last year so your vote matters!
This year the board majority is at stake. We cannot return to the days of audit violations and educational dollars being spent outside the classroom.
Jennifer, Sheillah and Irene have spent years selflessly working to improve our schools. We need to elect them to keep building on the steady progress the district is making.
Most important is to cast your votes for Evans, Dallara and Sobolov 1-2-4 for Hoboken School Board. Polls are open from 6am-8pm and you can find your polling location here.
It’s urgent to Get Out The Vote! It’s as easy as messaging or emailing your friends to remind them how important this election will be.
On election day, be sure to wear a button or a t-shirt, and get a balloon or signfor your stroller at our election day HQ. Also please consider volunteering an hour or two to help remind Hoboken to vote! We need to show Hoboken there’s overwhelming support for Jennifer, Sheillah and Irene!
Don’t despair if you won’t be in Hoboken on election day! There’s still time to register to Vote By Mail.You can apply to Vote By Mail in person to the County Clerk until 3:00 p.m. the day before the election.
Finally, PLEASE forward this email to your friends and neighbors. Spread the word about Jennifer, Sheillah and Irene!

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