Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: On the Suez Water Contract going into effect

Official release:

Statement from Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher on Hoboken’s SUEZ Water Contract 
The new 15 year water contract between the City of Hoboken and Suez went into effect on Monday. Under this contract, Hoboken will receive $33 million more in revenues to make system-wide infrastructure upgrades and eliminate water main breaks that have long plagued the city, negatively impacting residents’ quality of life. The Infrastructure subcommittee of the City Council, chaired by Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, worked tirelessly with the city’s administration to negotiate this historic contract, which ensures that Hoboken receives its fair share of water revenues to fix its aging system.
Councilwoman Fisher is releasing the following statement:
“The additional $33 million available to make necessary upgrades to our water system is the direct result of my Infrastructure subcommittee working collaboratively with the City for the past two years. Our new contract with SUEZ is an incredible achievement because the additional revenues the City of Hoboken receives under this contract equates to less of a burden on city taxpayers to address these critical repairs. This is a true testament of what we can accomplish when we put politics aside and work together to put Hoboken’s best interests first.”

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