Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: LOTS Up & Coming Including 7/4th Festivities!

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Dear friends and neighbors:
Happy first official Monday of summer!  Hoping the rest of the summer weather follows today’s – sunny, high of 82 and zero chance of rain!  So much is happening that I am going to break this update into a couple of parts – Up and Coming & What You Should Know.  Let’s begin with Up & Coming because there is a lot starting with TONIGHT!
6/25 – MASTER PLAN RE-EXAM 2nd and Potentially Final Public Hearing.  124 Grand / Multi Service Center 7-9pm
This is singly the MOST IMPORTANT DOCUMENT for Hoboken and sets the stage for potential zoning changes including building heights, density, uses.  Included in this plan are some of the more controversial changes: recommendations for up-zoning and 4 structures over 200 feet on the top of the hill for Stevens and changing the designation of the residential areas south of 4th street from R1 to R2 to increase density (ability to build more units & taller structures) and add more ground floor commercial.   My main criticism of the plan are threefold:
  • The City Council was specifically excluded from the process which is astounding.  And again, if you ask anyone, anywhere involved with city planning and governance about what and who should be involved in such an important process, the governing body is at the top of the list.  
  • The re-exam is incomplete on important elements.  Instead of incorporating a review of important elements (official sections) in the plan like Education, Community Facilities, Housing, and Transportation/Circulation needs, the plan recommends that the city undertake these reviews separately, in the future (at additional cost and time that is currently not budgeted).  
  • The plan all but ignores the conclusions and the impacts on everything in our community of the 2018 build out study that suggests that currently, under existing zoning and approved plans, our housing units and population will increase 20+%.  This increase is BEFORE up-zoning contemplated in the plan and any additional residential development approved as part of the North End redevelopment process.  
  • Those who responded to the survey do not reflect the demographic make- up of our community and those more disadvantaged are under-represented.
Click HERE to find links to the Re-Exam and the Land Use element documents.  I plan to attend this important meeting again tonight and I hope you do as well.   If the plan is approved tonight, the council then determines what, if any, actions it will take to codify recommendations and make official zoning changes.  The council did not codify recommendations under prior undertakings (2004 Masterplan and 2010 re-exam).  
6/25 – Hoboken Inaugural Art Festival – 7-9PM along Waterfront between 11th &12th 
Come see a selection of Hoboken’s local artists and enjoy food and drinks from some of our local restaurants and shops.  Tickets are $100 with proceeds going to fund future cultural events in Hoboken.  It is going to be a gorgeous night on the waterfront so I hope you can join!  Click HERE to find out more.  I plan to attend after the Master Plan meeting which coincides with this event.
6/26 – Vigil to protest family separations – 6pm, Sinatra Park
This is not meant to be a partisan, political statement.  This topic has pulled at the heart strings of many across our country from all political sides.  Yes, I am aware that we have millions children in our own country separated from their parents and in foster care.  I don’t think anyone supports separating children from their parents unless it is in the best interest of the children’s health and welfare.  I am sharing this so people in our area who want to participate with others who feel similarly outraged and sad about these children, have a place to voice their feelings.  Also, if this issue raises awareness about our own foster system then that can be the only positive outcome to this situation. 
6/27th – Northwest Park Community meeting 7-9pm Wallace School
Residents are invited to attend a community meeting to discuss further development of the Northwest Resiliency Park concept design (current rendering above). At this meeting, the design team will provide an update on the concept design progress and traffic study, as well as gather community feedback on certain design features.
6/28th – Southwest Park Community meeting 6-7pm SW Park
The purpose of this meeting is to gather feedback from residents on how and whether to proceed with an “interactive sculpture” (aka play equipment) on the Hoboken Southwest Park lawn.  
7/4th – Fireworks and festivities in Jersey City noon-12pm, Exchange Place
For the 5th year running, Jersey City is hosting an expanding and spectacular day to celebrate July 4th !  Headlining this year will be Snoop Dog.  Click HERE to learn more about what I believe Mayor Fulop has said will rival the Macy’s fireworks…  Just a short walk / bike ride / PATH train ride away.
7/18th – HOLD THE DATE!!!!! US Army Corps of Engineers Public Hearing for (former) Union Dry Dock Site – 6-8pm DeBaun Auditorium at Stevens.

NUMBERS / MORE VOICES MATTER! Make your voices heard! We need a big crowd on July 18th for the Public Hearing on NY Waterway’s application for a permit to operate from the Army Corps of Engineers. See PUBLIC NOTICE for more.  
If on FB, RSVP HERE and share with others.   

I can’t believe I forgot to include this in my up and coming note!  Especially because this is one of my favorite events in Hoboken!   
6/28 – NJ Symphony Orchestra at Maxwell Park – Free concert at 730pm.  Get there early to grab a spot!
If you went in previous years, you know how special of an event this is.  The NJSO is a world renowned orchestra and they come to Hoboken’s waterfront, with the backdrop of the NYC skyline to play a range of music from classical to Bruce Springsteen.  So come out and sit beside your neighbors and enjoy wonderful music on a lovely, summer evening.   Hope to see you there!  And a special shout out to Hoboken’s own Martin Andersen who plays viola for the NJSO and will be playing that night!
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And reminder about the following events this week as well:
6/27th – Northwest Park Community meeting 7-9pm Wallace School
6/28th – Southwest Park Community meeting 6-7pm SW Park

I will send out another note later today with updates and What You Should Know including updates on Union Dry Dock and our new plastic bag ban!  Stay tuned… As always, if you have any questions or want to discuss this or anything else, please feel free to email me or call me at 201/208-1674.  
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