Councilwoman Terry Castellano at yesterday’s election

In a brief respite from a tense election yesterday, Councilwoman Terry Castellano stopped for this photo.  As Da Horsey had the honor to be a challenger on behalf of the Eric Kurta campaign at Marine View yesterday, there was some time to chat  during  the lulls in voting over the course of 14 hours at the polls.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano posed for this shot on election day
MSV is known for its hard hitting style but even though we’ve been sharply at odds with Councilwoman Castellano, she clearly understands the basis for the disagreement and was very respectful yesterday in what was a very hard election cycle against a strong challenge from first time candidate Eric Kurta.
Marine View turned out in strong numbers and this was the difference yesterday.  But Eric Kurta is not the threat to Marine View he was depicted as and more importantly he ran a great race causing a shift in the direction of the 1st ward.  
After this photo, Councilwoman Castellano remarked Da Horsey is a pussycat.  Well that’s okay everyone mixes up an animal now and then and the decorum was well taken.  Later, there was an unfortunate incident with Jersey City’s vulgar David Cruz who illegally entered into the polling station and refused to leave.  But that story will come later. 
MSV would like to thank the poll workers and other challengers at Marine View for showing what democracy looks like.  While spending 14 hours at a small table makes for a long day, we had a very cordial time with our counterpart Eileen who was a challenger for Terry Castellano.  The spirit of cooperation remained through the course of the day and it was a great pleasure to serve with her and also Eric Kurta challenger Martin Anderson who sits on the board of POG.
More to come.  

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