Councilwoman Jen Giattino’s July 4th greetings and community updates

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Greetings from Jen Giattino for City Council
Dear Family, Friends & Neighbors,
Wishing you a happy, safe July 4th holiday
and summer.  
See you at the park and
around town.

Fourth of July Notes:

Heightened security checkpoint entrances
will be located at:
  • 1st St & Sinatra Dr
  • 2nd St & Sinatra Dr
  • 3rd St & Sinatra Dr
  • 4th St & River St
  • 11th St & Sinatra Dr
  • 12th St & Shipyard Ln
  • 14th St and Shipyard Ln
The stairway from the Babbio Center to the
waterfront will be closed.

Any person entering these designated checkpoints
will be prohibited from entering with the
following items: backpacks, fireworks, coolers, glass
bottles, cans, grills & barbeque materials, propane
tanks, weapons, tents, alcohol, and other items not
in the interest of public safety.
Only factory sealed beverages will be permitted,
excluding alcohol.
 All items are subject to inspection
prior to entry into the checkpoint areas.
More July 4th Info & Street closures  
The City of Hoboken is expecting to host tens of thousands of guests to view the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks which will take place over the Hudson River this year.
Pier C
The contractor is currently working
on site restoration as well as the
evaluation of the site electrical
repairs and landscaping replacements.
The initial sod installed is damaged
the contractor will re-sod with no
additional costs.  Graffiti removal
and the decking rehabilitation began
on July 1 and will be  followed by
landscaping restoration.  

Steven’s Park
Batting Cages – Bid Documents will

be advertised the week of July 8th,
with an anticipated award at the
August 7th regular meeting.

Walkway concrete work started
on 6/28/2013.

Dog Run is currently in design phase.

Church Square Park 
Bathroom is in the demolition phase which will be followed by the fit out work including electrical, plumbing and building trades.

Dog Run is currently in design phase.

Church Square Park Concert Series – every Wed on June, July and August from 7 to 9:30pm.

Update for Parks 

1600 Park
Soft soil conditions were found at

1600 Park. This caused a revision of
the design to strengthen the
foundation for the field lighting.
The lights are critical in accom-
modating the high demand for
field use by all ages in the community.
Completion to is expected for Sept.1

Sinatra Park 
Pile driving is complete and sheet
piles have been installed to hold
back the soil. Construction began
for the new pre-cast concrete pier structure which is the foundation
upon which the new soccer field
and walkway will be built.
Completion is expected for Sept.1
Elysian Park 
Bids will be received on
7/17/13 with award expected to
be made at the 8/7 Regular
meeting.  Construction will commence immediately   after
award notification.

Summer Pool Info
The Hoboken High School pool will  be open to all residents from July 8 to August 21, Monday through Thursday from 11am to 5pm.
“Mommy and Me” sessions will take place from 3pm to 5pm.
Seacacus Pool available to Hoboken residents at a discounted rate
Click here for more pool info and to download aplications

Effective immediately, drivers
can pay at all parking meters in Hoboken with a pre-paid
Hoboken Smart Card. 

Refillable smart cards ranging
in value from $20 to $240 can
be purchased at the Hoboken
Parking Utility.

Issued smart cards can be
recharged at any parking meter
that accepts bills.

24 new parking meters have
been installed throughout the
city which accept paper bills in
addition to coins, credit/debit
cards and smart cards.

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