Councilwoman Fisher Calls for Public Input on Revised Plan for Hoboken Yards Redevelopment Plan

Official release:

Councilwoman Fisher Calls for Public Input on Revised Plan for Hoboken Yards Redevelopment Plan
At a Council meeting last night, the City Council moved to table voting on an amendment to the Hoboken Yards Redevelopment Plan to allow more input from the public before a final vote. The project plan, originally approved by the City Council in 2014 after a long process that involved significant input from the public, is an important one for all stakeholders.  

Councilwoman Fisher, always a proponent of transparency and public engagement, joined six of her colleagues last night to call for the administration to notify the public of the project and invite public input.

“The project has changed dramatically since the original approval in 2014 driven by Rebuild By Design that will be built at an angle through the site significantly impairing the redevelopment of over a third of the project area,” said Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher. “Most of my council colleagues have met with LCOR, the developer of the site, and I personally believe they tried to address issues raised during the prior public process. But the public has not been afforded the same opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns which I believe is necessary for a project of this importance to our community.”  

On the face of it, the overall project has been reduced in scale by about 1M square feet and brings many positives including a historically sensitive and restored Warrington Plaza and Terminal. However, the plan still contemplates the possibility of future development of the “lost” area and there are also many parts that amplify prior concerns about height (increasing the primary commercial building by 100 feet), residential massing closer to the PATH and related traffic concerns, as well as sightlines. Given the potential impact to the Hoboken community, public input is critical to ensure we are planning ahead, responsibly.

“I don’t know why the City did not issue a community Nixle alert or invite public input on such an important project to our community, one with a long history of public engagement.  Nor why there is such a rush other than the obvious which is probably to leverage the upcoming elections. Although I was disappointed the vote was not unanimous, I am glad that six of my City Council colleagues last night joined me in putting the public’s interest first in calling for a public meeting for this project,” said Councilwoman Fisher.   

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