Councilwoman Beth Mason apologizes to the people of Hoboken for abuses, disavows allies & political operatives

Second ward councilwoman Beth Mason announces:

Dear Hoboken residents:

In the theater of Hoboken politics, it’s easy to get caught up in the battles and alliances over these many years.  In this rough and tumble arena, I’ve certainly played a part.  As Hoboken once again moves into an election year, our community must choose its mayor and three critical at-large council members.

For those who urge I make a run for the mayor’s office, let me say to you now, I will not be a candidate.  Although many of you will be disappointed, let me explain my decision.

After years of being enticed by an army of political consultants seeking my family’s beneficence, I’ve discovered years too late it’s been nothing short of a disaster for both me and my family.

For all my efforts in seeking higher office, I’ve faced a barrage of undeserved negative attention, showing me in the worst light and highlighting my failures for all to see.  It’s been a difficult process to bear, most recently in my attempts to represent us as your Assemblywoman.  The toll on my family has weighed heavily and I’ve told them my regret in how it’s failed our expectations.  That is all past now.

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for suing the People of Hoboken.  While there’s been a measure of satisfaction in doing so personally, I discovered it didn’t contribute any happiness to myself or my family and only further cemented me in the eyes of many as a pariah in the Hoboken community.  Worse, my efforts to repeatedly appeal the legal appointment of Jim Doyle has bottomed out what little support left among my occasional dinner guests.  I appreciate your devotion, but in the end it was a mistake, one of many.

My efforts underwriting lawsuits was borne out of miscalculation, bad advice and hectoring by one time political allies.  As has been said, we lost all perspective in seeking a linchpin to oppose Mayor Zimmer and gain control over the City Council.  In retrospect, I wish this had been different and it could have led to a different outcome for me.  Sadly, those errors don’t permit a do-over.

The path of public service is a noble one.  It should bring out the best in people and in our community.  I regret decisions I’ve made and the political operatives I’ve deployed in a scorched earth campaign I thought would achieve what I felt were important objectives.  I’ve learned the power of the internet isn’t in crushing dissent but in a lively discussion of the issues, sometimes agreeing, sometimes not but always with an end to respecting the will of the people and the democratic process.

There’s been mistakes with media too: sponsoring Hoboken411, buying favorable media coverage and suppressing voices I felt were organized against me.  While it’s too late to undo the damage, I understand these were ordinary residents aligned against my internet blogging team who failed to properly represent me.

While I can’t speak for others, my one time political allies have sought my financial support and tried on occasion to force outcomes on the people of Hoboken for narrow partisan gain.  However, my role in attempting to bring financial harm to Hoboken and stop the only legitimate buyer of the Hoboken University Medical Center was an epic miscalculation I can no longer deny.  I am sorry for the strife it caused and the tears of hospital employees in the City Council.

Worse, in the coming days you will hear of alleged transgressions by me and others close to me.  It would be imprudent to address this here as it involves issues of criminal law but understand some people I called friends acted irresponsibly outside of my authority, direction and oversight.  Counsel precludes me from saying more but I will defend myself and unless there’s proof, I’m going to say I’m innocent.  Most important, I will use all resources available in mounting a vigorous defense.  I believe there are others, in particular Councilman Michael Russo who has given false testimony against me.  In due course, his perfidy and the true facts will come out.

I ask you to keep faith with me in the trying days ahead.  Thank you all for your support through the years.


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