Councilman Russo meets his own words on tape

At the last City Council meeting, Councilman Michael Russo worked himself into a lather, his face got red, and the Church Towers contingent brought down by Ma “five-buck-a-tow” Russo were dancing and yelling in the aisles with his attacks on Mayor Zimmer where he called her a grifter.

After Ma and the neighbors went home, public portion brought to light some comment on his less than savory behavior and that accountability thingy from a January meeting held at the hospital.

As stated by MSV at the end of the last council meeting, Michael Russo stated the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority (HMHA) did not have the ability to legally sell the hospital.  Although media was present, it was stunning to see no one even mention this in any stories after the meeting.

Russo claimed a member of the public was “standing there lying” and “putting words in my mouth” after our remarks but let’s go to the videotape!

Here’s the end of the salvo from Da Horsey and the Beth Russo hydra springing into action:

(Note what happens when the mention of the tape is made on Da Horsey’s departure.)
The next day “a higher authority” would step in, – in the form of Governor Chris Christie.

And as promised, here is the complete, unedited tape of Councilman Mike Russo informing the Hospital Authority (and the mayor) they can’t sell the hospital.  He also voices his expectation the City Council will receive the documentation on any potential transaction on the sale – a request specifically barred when the HMHA was created.

The whole point of creating the HMHA was to keep outside political forces such as on the City Council from interfering with what’s best for Hoboken.  When the City Council needed to act to merely consider a bond to help the hospital sale, no consideration was given.  Instead Russo, Castellano, Mason and Occhipinti acted immediately to sabotage the sale and kill the hospital.

At this meeting, the HMHA announced a bidder Holdco was selected and would enter into exclusive negotiations.  From that point on, Councilwoman Beth Mason, JNESO and the Russo clan worked to subvert the legal process and undermine the hospital sale leading into  the attempt to flat out kill the hospital at the last meeting when a $5.5 million bond was presented for consideration to aid in closing out a bankruptcy settlement required before the hospital can be sold.

Note Michael Russo claimed he discussed that MSV “left out” his comment about defeasing the bonds.  No sir, MSV has posted your complete remarks here on the matter of what you said about selling the hospital.

We’ll leave the incorrigible actions you and your allies attempted to perpetuate on the hospital at the last City Council meeting speak for themselves.

Here’s Councilman Mike Russo trying to undo the tangled web of his own design:

Talking Ed Note: Has Councilman Michael Russo spoken to the executives at the hospital lately?  MSV has but can’t write all of those comments attached to his name here as it wasn’t on the record.  Let’s say it’s not exactly appropriate for family channel viewing.

The City Council will be meeting tonight too.  One interesting item on the agenda is a resolution against the Monarch building development.  A letter appeared in the Hudson Reporter this weekend in opposition and wondered why they were ignored by Beth Mason when they reached out to ask her position on the matter.

Tonight at the City Council meeting people will have an opportunity to address their concerns on the Monarch building project.  Some people say Councilwoman Beth Mason supports the project but tonight you can address the issue and specifically make your feelings on the matter known to her.

She can of course ignore you as she’s famous for doing to other members of the public.  People may be taken aback but others recall this is typical behavior from the councilwoman famous for her remarks on similar matters:

“Developer or die.”

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