Councilman Russo complains about office move

Councilman Russo announces:

Mike Russo at last City Council meeting.  How do we change the subject?

Talking Ed Note: MSV did not receive this release but a reader provided the details.  Councilman Russo is invited to submit releases as any public official.  Of course he may prefer a less transparent method for doing so and that’s his right.

As this was not released to MSV, the policy of not commenting with a release doesn’t apply.

The HPU offices as MSV understands it has a structural problem due to termites working away at the area over a period of years unchecked.  If there is a cost in moving offices on a temporary or permanent basis, the question needs to be asked, why wasn’t the problem dealt with sooner and why hasn’t Councilman Russo addressed the infrastructure problem?

No doubt you can read the twisted tales of this from every angle but reality from the usual hate mongers.  This looks like a distraction from the focus on the 4th ward special election.  Much of the news coming out has been of questionable value for Mike Russo’s candidate, Tim Occhipinti.

MSV will not be attending this manufactured press conference.  There’s not even any there there.  No one has confirmed that any official move of offices from downtown to midtown is in fact occurring.

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