Councilman Peter Cunningham takes pride in Hoboken’s financial turnaround, contrasts his public efforts to his opponent

The following report comes courtesy of John Heinis at the Hudson County View:

Hoboken Ward 5 Councilman Peter Cunningham said his track record regarding the city’s finances speaks for itself, further expressing his desire to continue to serve the Mile Square City, also taking a parting shot at his opponent in the process.

For the complete story, see the Hudson County View:

Talking Ed Note: Less than three weeks to Election Day, accountability matters.

Councilman Peter Cunningham is now a proven steward of Hoboken’s finances and the Reform Movement’s elder statesman: steady on progress and quick on the draw protecting the public from corruption and massive redevelopment scams.

Who supported more than doubling the size of the Hoboken Housing Authority downtown with no actual plan, no details in a master plan and nothing more than a color brochure?

The head of the scam pitched was by none other than Carmelo Garcia who now seeks to replace the very competent, measured Councilwoman Jen Giattino in the sixth ward.

Who voted for the Vision 20/20 money scam repeatedly at both the Hoboken Housing Authority and City Council with nothing but some pretty photos and empty promises?

Along with Carmelo Garcia, it was his steady right hand man and vote on the HHA: one Eduardo Gonzalez. (So too, Theresa Castellano, Michael Russo, Tim Occhipinti and that pargon of zero virtue: Beth Mason, on the City Council.)

There’s more than one way to fleece an unsuspecting Hoboken public.

United in opposition to ripoffs against the public, Peter Cunningham doesn’t raise his voice, he’s not going to yell “You’re trying to rob us (again).” Councilman Cunningham will just quietly put a stop to it before it gets off the ground.

A vote for Councilman Cunningham is as much a vote for what he does as the hands he stops from getting into your pockets or changing the entire face and landscape of Hoboken.

So too with Councilwoman Jen Giattino. Reform will not surrender that ground if you vote November 3rd on Election Day for Tiffanie Fisher, Michael DeFusco, and Dana Wefer.

Councilman Cunningham’s opponent Eduardo Gonzalez responds to the success of the incumbent by stating raising taxes are not an option for a school or while he sat on the Hoboken Housing Authority. This is a self-evident truth.

But Eduardo Gonzalez, your opponent in Councilman Cunningham didn’t raise taxes to balance Hoboken’s budget. He rooted out waste and corruption, making prudent reductions and worked with Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s administration to cut municipal taxes approximately 10%.

So what say you?

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