Councilman Peter Cunningham: On Neighborhood Parking Meters

From the desk of Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Dear neighbors, friends and family,
Thank you for your indulgence on a very important parking issue that’s likely to have an impact on our historic neighborhoods, particularly in the 5th Ward.  Recently, a number of zoning board and city council decisions have affected our neighborhood:  the Zoning Board appeal of the historic church at 901 Bloomfield, the installation of a 24 hour market at 10th and Bloomfield, and historic brownstone and red brick homes threatened as a result of zoning law changes that I did support.  
We now face another change in our neighborhoods:  the installation of public parking meters at every intersection in our neighborhoods.  There are different opinions on whether or not we should be charging non residents for parking on our streets.  I do support the economic benefits of finding new sources to fund our infrastructure needs that will be paid for by non-residents. However, the aesthetics of the meters do not fit with the historic charm of our neighborhoods and, for this reason, I do not support them.  I would support more creative thinking using new technology (“pay by plate” which is being instituted), and collaboration with our local businesses. Using your smart phone with pay by plate, there’s no need for a parking meter.  Working with our local businesses can help support those that do not have smart phone technology.  These concepts are not entirely unique as they have been done in other communities.  However, it appears I may be a minority on this issue.
I would like to hear your thoughts on this matter.  At this point, I do have a commitment from the Mayor that there will be some flexibility on where meters will be placed at each intersection.  For instance, meters would be placed where there’s a retail establishment, but not all corners have retail.  I have attached a map of meter locations and what the meters look like.  I have also included the release from city hall in support of this program with a nixle link below.  
Thanks, as always, for your interest and feedback.
Sample parking meter

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