Councilman Peter Cunningham: “Mayor Bhalla takes on Second Job”

Official release:

Hoboken is a small yet very complicated City with urgent infrastructure and development needs requiring a full time Mayor.  At over $116K per year plus benefits, he or she is appropriately compensated to be a full time Mayor.  “The people of Hoboken expect it, and the job requires it,” said Councilman Cunningham.   

With not more than 50 days into Mayor Bhalla taking office, “I was shocked and disappointed to learn late on Friday that Mayor Bhalla has accepted paid job responsibilities at a politically connected law firm in Morristown, NJ,” said Councilman Cunningham.  “This not only breaks a campaign promise, but calls into serious question his judgement and commitment to Hoboken.” 

“Mayor Bhalla should be focused on many of the ongoing and developing issues of Hoboken like Washington Street, Rebuild by Design, redevelopment projects, Union Dry Dock and voter fraud,” said Councilman Cunningham. “Instead Mayor Bhalla has found it more important to “mentor” young lawyers?  The press release announcing his new position, however, stated that his requirements would instead involve ‘strategic advice’.  The citizens of Hoboken expected that his strategic advice would be focused on Hoboken —not a law firm in Morristown.  This unfortunately leads to more questions and concerns about his time commitment and conflicts of interests to say the least.” 

Peter H. Cunningham 
City of Hoboken
5th Ward Councilman

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