Councilman Peter Cunningham: Join us at City Council tonight to support Corner Cars

Councilman Peter Cunningham released the following communication on tonight’s City Council meeting:

Dear Family Friends and Neighbors,

Tomorrow there will be an important vote on the Hertz Corner Car program – again. Personally, I support the car sharing program for many reasons, and hope that you will consider joining us tomorrow at the City Council meeting to do the same.

It’s an innovative public private partnership – parking program. This is a smart, economical and efficient relationship between corporate America and local government. There are 42 Hertz cars on Hoboken Streets. In less than six months, there have been 45 residential parking permits turned in. So as far as taking parking spots away, we are better than even in less than six months. And on top of it over a 1,000 residents have subscribed to the program. Hertz pays Hoboken for the space at $100 per month, and that’s over $50,000 per year. Some have question the amount, saying it’s not enough. Some have said “this was a no bid contract” with Hertz. Wrong, those are falsities. There were several bids, and the Hertz bid was the best bid for the City and it’s residents.

It provides convenience and savings to the user. Cars are within a five minute walk from your house/condo and can save you up to 5,000 per year in car payments and insurance.

It is “going green” for our urban community as all vehicles are fuel efficient. It offers an additional transportation option whether you have no car, or two cars.

Lastly, to build a parking garage costs millions of dollars, plus planning and construction time. Why not seize this unique opportunity to do something good for our environment, create parking, convenience and savings within six months! The contract is for only two years, so imagine what we can accomplish…

Please join us tomorrow night to support this innovative parking program that’s good for Hoboken in so many ways. Meeting starts at 7pm. Thanks and please forward around, and as usual, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Peter Cunningham

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