Councilman Peter Cunningham: For BoE, vote Ailene McGuirk #4 & Yes on runoff elections

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors,
In addition to the significant national election, there are also two very important local issues I hope you will seriously consider.
First, there’s a local ballot measure stating, “shall runoff elections be held in Hoboken?”   Several years ago, I supported the ballot measure to eliminate the run off and move the elections to November.  It was intended to save costs, increase voter turnout and reduce voter fatigue.  Certainly some of these changes were successful, but they have had their challenges too.  As these initiatives mature over time, it’s always good to revisit. 
Achieving 50% plus one is a tough task to accomplish in a first ballot election.  I was fortunate enough to do it once in my second election in 2011.  The way the runoff works is if you don’t achieve a majority vote among more than two candidates, then the top two vote getters run again to achieve 50% plus one.  We live in a democracy, and Hoboken deserves leadership elected by majority vote.  Given our election experiences today, we elect leadership not based on important issues but rather misinformation and negative campaigning.  Unfortunately, this has had a divisive effect on Hoboken as our Administration is setting policies misaligned with the majority of the public!
Secondly, tomorrow there is also a school board election.  You can only vote for up to three candidates.  This year, you probably have found that there’s been very little campaigning for school board as a deal was made to run a non-competitive slate of three candidates for convenience.  Ailene McGuirk, however, is an independent working hard and campaigning all over Hoboken.  She deserves a good look.  She’s very active in the District with two children, one attending Connors.  She regularly attends Board of Ed meetings and is co-chair of the Connor’s PTO.  Please learn more of Ailene on her FB page: 
Please join me in supporting Ailene McGuirk for School Board #4, and voting YES to run off elections.
Please circulate to your friends and neighbors, and let me know if you have any questions.  
Thanks, Peter

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