Councilman Mike Russo claim: dozens collecting illegal health benefits

Yesterday’s MSV story noting the illegal health benefits paid out to former mayor and convicted felon Anthony Russo is creating rumblings throughout our mile square, but there’s more to this story even looking in the rear view mirror.

Back in 2008 as Fiscal State Monitor Judy Tripodi was at the helm, Councilman Mike Russo put in one of his fanciful claims there were over 90 people ineligible but receiving city paid health benefits.  Steve Kleinman who was the Corporation Counsel at that time disputed the figure and asked for his information saying he was aware of a far, far lower number.

Through the magic of the internets, here is Councilman Mike Russo claiming he went through a list of city employees and also a broker list cross referencing the two.  No one believes Mike Russo did that of course, but someone say an Uncle George may have handed off the task to an underling to do on the city’s dime and passed it on to him.  Then again, the word on the street is napkins are passed between the two over dinner, sometimes including temporary budgets written on them.

And now courtesy of estevens aka the Wiley Coyote re: 1st ward Council Candidate Eric Kurta, here is the complete video from 2008 with Mike Russo forgetting to mention dear old dad is on the dole collecting illegal health benefits:

Talking Ed Note: Free bonus crackerjack prize:  Councilwoman Beth Mason concludes the video by asking, “How long has this been going on?”  Will Beth Mason ask that question Wednesday night?  How about Tim Occhipinti who loves to brag how he doesn’t use the available benefits (since he gets it from his job).  

MSV can not verify the details on how long Anthony Russo was collecting on a benefit of city paid health insurance but an earlier Hudson Reporter story suggests he was no longer eligible back in 2006.

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