Councilman Mike DeFusco Plan Will Bring Small Business Kiosks, Pop Up Shops to Hoboken’s Waterfront

Official release:

For years, empty kiosks have gone unused on Hoboken’s waterfront, but now Councilman Mike DeFusco is helping spearhead a plan to bring small businesses and pop up shops to reinvigorate those run-down spaces on Pier A. An ordinance being co-sponsored by Councilman DeFusco and Council Vice President Ruben Ramos will update zoning definitions, permitting Hoboken-based small businesses to utilize new and existing kiosks on the waterfront to expand their visibility and activate the waterfront all year long.
“I have always believed in establishing innovative and proactive policies to help small businesses succeed in Hoboken, which is why I’m excited to introduce legislation to help activate neglected kiosks,” said Councilman DeFusco. “We as a local government should be capitalizing on public spaces and placemaking to make our city a more vibrant and welcoming place for makers, creators and innovators. I’m looking forward to working with the entire City Council and mayor to reinvigorate kiosks and implement a plan to make our waterfront an ever more desirable place to grab a cup of coffee while supporting small businesses.”
This is the latest initiative sponsored by Councilman DeFusco to encourage innovators, creators and makers to invest in Hoboken. Last month, the City Council gave final approval to Councilman DeFusco’s Small Business Expansion Plan that updates zoning and establishes new business districts to bring new mom and pop shops, restaurants and hubs to Hoboken’s neighborhoods.
“Growing up in Hoboken, we never had the opportunity to access open space along our own waterfront,” said Council Vice President Ruben Ramos. “I have always been proud to have helped lead the push to responsibly develop our waterfront and create a place that everyone can enjoy. Now we have the opportunity to do more by supporting local businesses. Activating kiosks is a sensible plan that will help bring an economic boost to our city and I’m excited to one day soon enjoy the new charm of our waterfront with my family.”

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