Councilman Mike DeFusco comes out firing at Stick!

The DeFusco for Mayor campaign announces:

Questions Motivation and Commitment of Late Entry Into Race
Hoboken, NJ – In response to the announcement today by Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano that he will run for Mayor of Hoboken, 1st Ward Councilman and current Mayoral candidate Michael DeFusco issued the following statement:
“Today we saw a Freeholder testing the waters with an announcement that sounded more like an exploratory committee than a legitimate bid for Mayor.  He spoke about commitment, yet proposes to run for both offices at the same time, expecting the people to wait while he decides which suits him best.  That’s not leadership, it’s duplicity and hypocrisy.  Every resident of Hoboken should be offended by his level of entitlement.”

“We need a leader with an understanding of where we are, a vision for where we are going, and the dedication to get us there.  I’m emboldened as ever to continue my campaign of speaking to as many residents as possible about the important issues at hand so we can eliminate the political divides of the past for a unified and progressive future.”

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