Councilman Mike DeFusco calls for a waterfront surveillance system to enhance safety

Official release:

Councilman DeFusco: No ‘Smiley Face Killer,’ but Hoboken’s Waterfront needs more security, life-saving initiatives
HOBOKEN — There may be no “smiley face killer” on the waterfront, but the number of people dying off the shores of Hoboken is still alarming. Law enforcement agencies do not believe foul play was involved in the deaths of 15-20 individuals pulled from the Hudson River in the past eight years, but the continued investigation into the death of an Air Force veteran has left the Hoboken community concerned for their safety. In response, Councilman DeFusco is taking the necessary steps to create a safer waterfront by adding life-saving devices and additional security.
Councilman DeFusco will introduce a resolution during the next City Council meeting that will propose allocating a portion of the community givebacks generated from the pending Hilton Hotel project, for a state of the art surveillance system. Additionally, the resolution stresses the importance of installing life preservers along the Waterfront to assist distressed individuals who may have entered the Hudson River.
“While I have the utmost confidence in the Hoboken Police Department and our County law enforcement partners, I do share some of the concerns raised by residents regarding safety on the Waterfront,” said Councilman DeFusco. “The loss of any life is devastating and the effects can be felt in our community. Any resource that positively assists police, makes residents feel safe or can save a life is invaluable to our community. I have spoken to Mayor Bhalla about making funding for these projects a priority and I am confident that by working together with the City Council we will bring these much-needed safety investments to the Waterfront.”
In the past month, the bodies of two men were discovered off the shores of Hoboken. A thorough surveillance system will help law enforcement collect evidence during their investigation and life preservers have the potential to prevent drowning deaths on the waterfront.

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