Councilman Michael Russo on housing politics past and present

Here’s a short 30 second clip of Councilman Michael Russo last night speaking on politics at the Hoboken Housing Authority where he says he’s never seen politics in the HHA:

Then there’s this Michael Russo speaking on the Hoboken Housing Authority in a surveillance video with FBI informant Solomon Dwek a few years back.

The private Michael Russo has a somewhat different perspective on housing politics:

Unbeknownst to Michael Russo, he’s sharing his view on housing politics with the FBI stating:

“I got a guy appointed to the Housing Authority… So I go to him… Let me explain to you how this works…I did for you, you do for me.”

 Thank goodness, Michael Russo didn’t do anything wrong as he says and never will.
 Nothing wrong here, move along…  Okay, stop laughing.

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