Councilman Michael DeFusco: “What Hoboken is missing…..”

Official release:

Tomorrow is Election Day and Hoboken has the rare opportunity to stand together and vote against outside interference and for majority rule in our local elections.   Please join me and VOTE YES tomorrow on the municipal ballot question to enact runoff elections.

The Jersey Journal Editorial Board has endorsed the question and urged Hoboken to VOTE YES tomorrow, saying“…a runoff provision for municipal contests will ensure future mayors and council members are elected with a majority vote….this is a democracy. Let the majority rule in Hoboken.”

I’m also joined by my City Council colleagues: Peter Cunningham, Vanessa Falco, Tiffany Fisher, Jen Giattino and Council President Ruben Ramos who have all endorsed voting YES. Just last year we were on opposite sides of the political playing field and saw firsthand how divisive elections can be when 20 candidates run, resulting in a mayor elected with 68 percent of the City voting against the candidate who won mayor.  That’s not democracy…

Tomorrow, we have a chance to stop outside actors from dividing us and influencing Hoboken’s elections.

Only establishment politicians and special interests benefit when the vote is split.   Just last week, it came to light that there was alleged vote buying in the 2013 election, resulting in an indictment.  Not surprisingly, 2013 was the first municipal election after the city stopped holding runoff elections, and it’s abundantly clear that eliminating runoffs from Hoboken elections encourages misconduct.  The indictment is equally troubling because without runoff elections, it is far easier for illegal “paid for” votes to successfully impact an electorate divided into smaller voting blocs.  This all underscores the importance of tomorrow’s vote, which if passed, will ensure that our City won’t be bought and sold, and rather will stand unified against entities looking to divide us for political gain.
Voting YES to the municipal question will require any candidate for mayor or council to earn 50% of the vote to win office, ensuring majority rule and fair, democratic, elections. Voting YES will make certain that everyone’s voice is heard and their vote counted, not drowned out by establishment politicians and special interests who intentionally divide us to win.   
Across the state, elected officials must earn 50 percent of the vote to win.  In Hudson County, every mayor won with a majority — except in Hoboken.
To learn why Runoff Elections are important and why you should VOTE YES tomorrow, click here. 

Join me, as well as a majority of the City Council in supporting democracy and fair elections in Hoboken by VOTING YES on Hoboken’s municipal ballot question, tomorrow!  Polls are open from 6am to 8pm, to find your polling place, click here.

Your Councilman,
Mike DeFusco
Hoboken City Councilman

If you haven’t seen my video about why runoffs are important, take a look…

Runoffs 101, in 60 seconds!

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