Councilman Dave Mello – ‘Please allow me to retort’

After the introduction of the so-called hospital side deal the council minority claimed took place with Holdco as presented by Beth Mason Sunday night, Councilman Dave Mello was next to speak.

The Councilman had a few things to say about the behavior exhibited in the council minority’s claim.  He added some background on the history of the midtown garage, its donation for all intents and purposes by St. Mary’s for one dollar and added his own little bedtime story to counter earlier veiled accusations by Councilman Mike Russo at a previous meeting.

The jammed pack crowd in attendance greatly appreciated his statements of fact.  They also thoroughly enjoyed his retelling of a bedtime story to his daughter about Rapunzel.  This was no hollow analogy to the “boy who cried wolf.”

Here is Councilman Mello burn’in down the house:

Original video courtesy of Greg Bond

Related: Grafix Avenger’s legal department re: “Not Stempler” provided his analysis of the self-proclaimed side deal by the council minority.  It’s equally devastating as Councilman Dave Mello’s dismantling:

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