Councilman Dave Mello explodes against anti-Semitism by public officials

Reform councilman reveals he’s overheard Carmelo Garcia lying about Vision 20/20
Questions why Garcia hasn’t immediately had his aide resign for anti-Semitic “rantings”

Sometimes the truth has a funny way of coming out. In this instance, playing the race card doesn’t quite turn out as planned by Councilman Michael Russo when Councilman Dave Mello lets fly with his taking offense to “anti-Semitic rantings” at Hoboken Housing Authority meetings.

Russo attempts to counter claiming other minorities suffer the same victimization but Mello denies the indirect charge. Russo then claims it isn’t his statements but actions.

Mello however doesn’t back down and also reveals a fascinating sidebar conversation heard between HHA Executive Director and architect Dean Marchetto exiting his apartment.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano foolishly interjects calling his direct party witnessing “hearsay” not once but twice. You can see her being more than a little uncomfortable as Councilwoman Beth Mason  turns her back completely away during Mello’s charges, unable to countenance true anti-Semitism.

Beth Mason who had nothing to say about the real anti-Semitism at hand in the here and now chose instead to bring up her complaint from almost four years ago about Grafix Avenger to Mello.

Some might say that offers some legal illumination.

Mello questioned why Carmelo Garcia keeps his Assembly aide on staff after the anti-Semitic rantings (detailed on MSV earlier in the transcript).

Garcia according to a new Hudson Reporter story, says he was in the bathroom.
He was in the bathroom the whole meeting?

That’s not going to work for Mr. Carmelo. Mainly because it’s not true.

Talking Ed Note: It’s clear Dave Mello did not plan to reveal what he overheard about Vision 20/20 between Carmelo Garcia saying to architect Dean Marchetto. But the cat is out of the bag. Thank you very much Councilman Dave Mello for providing first hand testimony on what a scam Vision 20/20 is.

MSV has been reporting on the complete undocumented scam being pushed by the Hoboken Sopranos for well over a year.

The Hudson Reporter playing a major role in this fishy little bottom feeding game has seen the tables turned on them. They reference the HHA meeting transcript but only lightly dig into it failing to expose the full measure of anti-Semitic remarks peppered throughout the meeting.

Can the Hudson Reporter aid and/or protect Carmelo Garcia?

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