Councilman Dave Mello drops the hammer on MORTe fabrications

Councilman Dave Mello dropped the hammer on two issues. One and the primary issue of the intentionally squandered $4.5 million from the sabotage by MORTe on the midtown garage and then on the attempt to see the hospital closed by refusing to bond $5.5 million to save the hospital.

 Tim Occhipinti’s claim MORTe saved that money is uprooted, smashed and then discarded like so much of MORTe’s trash.  You can tell Dave Mello is hitting the mark because the truth is hurting MORTe so bad they then start repeatedly interrupting, talking over him and making sniping remarks.


Talking Ed Note: The truth hurts but the sabotage to Hoboken for nothing more than political spite and personal animus to the mayor was no legitimate reason to cost our City $4.5 million.

Thank you Councilman Mello.

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