Councilman Cunningham: Ya gotta have park


Here’s a recap from last night’s open space presentation from Mayor Zimmer. It was very well attended, and I commend the Mayor for presenting a comprehensive park plan that’s finally well underway. Quite frankly, there’s so much going on with a sincere dedication to increasing open space inventory, and addressing the infrastructure challenges by the Mayor and her Administration, it’s more than a feeling, it’s reality. 1600 Park should be online fall 2011. Particularly with what appears to be full support of the council, I am confident that with your help we can all support this plan which improves our quality of life, our property values and puts the open space trust fund to work for all of us!

Western Edge Community Workshops – Tomorrow at Wallace School (7-9) and Thursday at Public Library (6-8)

After years and years of constant residential development in our redevelopment areas, the city council had been trying to put a plan on the table that was economically diverse, along with amenities to the public promised so many times in the past. While I was one of the first to agree that additional community workshops were necessary to fine tune the plan, I still stand firm on creating a plan that incorporates residential, commercial, retail with public amenities. It has been done in other communities, so we know it can be done in Hoboken.

Unfortunately the developer community, as seen in this past weekend’s Reporter, has launched a campaign to discredit these concepts as being mutually exclusive and unaffordable, and that is simply not true.

Therefore, we really need your support tomorrow night at Wallace to advocate for smart and balanced development. Please pass this around, and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Peter

Councilman Peter Cunningham

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