Councilman Cunningham: Reflections on the Blizzard

Happy Holidays and New Year to all…
This is a brief note to thank you all…for what you did, or could do within reason…to help your neighbor, a friend or a complete stranger these last couple of days.  While I will not go so far to use a famous Paine quote that these were “the times that try men’s souls” we came pretty close.  I have been around the Fifth Ward since Monday morning and would agree that there were things we did well, however other things which need further evaluation.

I am happy for the compliments as well as the criticisms placed not only on me, but the administration as well.  If constructive, it only serves to straighten, and improve the process; and I am thankful to all that have reached out on-line, or who I have seen in the streets.  However, I know our job is not done.
I have heard from some of you that there still may be areas that need attention, so please call me ASAP.

On another note, I expect to send out a recap before year end, and have set up a Twitter account to afford another media for sharing information.  There’s a lot going on in Hoboken, and my gut tells me we could be in for a long winter.  Enjoy the balmy 40 degree weather the next couple of days and again have a Happy New Year.  And as always, please forward along, call or write with any issues or concerns.


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