Councilman Cunningham: On the Extended Parking Additions

From the desk of Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Good evening,

Many of you inquired on the above subject program.  This new law has created up to 850 additional parking spaces located at our intersections throughout Hoboken.  I sponsored the new legislation, worked very closely with the Administration to have the legislation written, worked with the subcommittee to fine tune it, and off to the council to get it passed.  It took approximately four months to get this done.

Here’s how it works (as simply as I can without a visual – check out city website link below).  From the hours of 7pm to 7am (overnight parking), an additional parking spot becomes available on the outbound segments at each intersection.  Prior to this change, the state mandated no parking at each corner, at no less than 25 feet from the crosswalk (50 feet when a stop sign’s present).  Now we have a 15 foot minimum at the outbound segments of each intersection during the times noted above.

The Parking Utility is working on identifying the 15 foot spot with a red hash mark.

This will provide some relief to the neighborhood with an overnight option.  However, it will be important that we stay outside the 15 foot minimum to keep corners clear as well as provide for our emergency vehicles to navigate the corners.  This parking flexibility is a delicate balance between convenience and public safety.

Thanks and please pass along.  Peter

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