Councilman Bhalla: ‘Vote for Phil Cohen for legislator at the county level’

From the desk of Councilman Ravi Bhalla:

 Dear Friends,

 Tomorrow, Tuesday June 3rd, is a critical election for Hoboken. A respected community leader and good friend of mine, Phil Cohen, is running to be Hoboken’s next Freeholder. For those who are not aware, a Freeholder is the general equivalent of a city councilman, but on the county level. A Freeholder has substantial influence over the County’s $500 million annual budget.

So why is this important? If you take a look at your most recent tax bill, you may notice that the LARGEST portion of your tax bill was not for municipal taxes or school board taxes. It was for COUNTY TAXES! How in the world did this happen?

It happened because we do not have forceful advocates at the County level committed to protecting the rights of Hoboken residents and holding the line on taxes. It happened because we do not have leaders who insist that Hoboken get its fair share for the amount of taxes it gives to the County. The result? Observer Highway, a County road, is in complete disrepair. County taxes have risen by 15% this year alone. The status quo is unacceptable and has to end. We can do this if we go and cast oour vote for Phil Cohen tomorrow, June 3rd.

Phil Cohen is a qualified, committed Hoboken resident that has been involved and active in the community for decades. Not only is he intelligent. Phil is energetic and most importantly, he has a special quality we rarely see in candidates for elective office: courage. The courage to stand up for his convictions. I saw this up front as a Councilman when Phil would attend our meetings on a regular basis to stand up and confront council members who were depriving the City of a full council through litigation blocking Councilman Doyle’s service on the council. Phil is never afraid to speak up for what is right. I have seen his tenacity and commitment up close and it’s remarkable.

For all of these reasons, Hoboken needs to show up in large numbers for Phil tomorrow. Go out and vote. But just as importantly, make sure your spouse votes, your neighbors vote, and your friends vote. Spread the word. The polls open at 6 am tomorrow morning and close at 8 pm tomorrow night. This election is critical to the future of Hoboken, and Phil needs your support.

Thank you and let’s bring victory to Hoboken tomorrow!

Ravi S. Bhalla
City of Hoboken

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