Councilman Bhalla praises efforts registering 750 new voters

From the desk of Councilman Ravi Bhalla

Hoboken Votes
Registers 750 Voters, Turns Focus to Voter Education

Hoboken Votes, an initiative to register Hoboken residents
to vote and educate residents about local issues, is pleased to announce it has
registered over 750 new voters as a result of its volunteer efforts this summer
and fall.  The vast majority of these
newly registered voters are Hoboken residents, with a small portion from
neighboring municipalities, primarily Union City and Jersey City.
“I want to thank our core volunteers for the time they spent
on the streets, in the parks, and in the waterfront buildings, registering
people to vote and educating them about local issues,” said Councilman Ravi
Bhalla, who led the effort.  “We were
able to register a substantial number of new voters along the waterfront
buildings, and in particular would like to thank the management and residents
at the Hudson Tea Buildings, Maxwell Place, Shipyard and Sky Club for their
interest and enthusiasm.”
“This non-partisan effort provided us an opportunity to
engage hundreds of new residents and inform them that the Presidential election
is not the only issue on the ballot, but there are also important local issues
where voters  will have a big impact,”
said Phil Cohen, another volunteer organizer. 
“We met hundreds of new voters who were interested in learning about electoral
reform in Hoboken and the other local issues facing our community that will be
on the ballot November 6.  These new
voters want their voices to be heard.” Now that the registration deadline has
passed, Hoboken Votes will focus its efforts on voter education about the Hoboken
school board election and the Hoboken Public Questions, directly engaging the
hundreds of newly registered voters as well as the public at large.

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