Council President Ruben Ramos blasts away on Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s ‘no show’ second job

On Friday, City Council President Ruben Ramos sat down with the Hudson County View to discuss several issues currently important to Hoboken.

Union Dry Dock and the uncertainty is front and center as the June 1 deadline for NY Waterway to begin operations looms.

Another issue was the Rent Leveling Board where eventually Mayor Ravi Bhalla ended his political effort to keep two members from continuing in new terms. Both of the members, Cheryl Falllick and Mike Lenz had supported Councilwoman Jen Giattino for mayor last year. The City Council was prepared to override a second veto by Bhalla when he finally relented offering the compromise of allowing Fallick to continue her service on the unpaid board.

Ramos called the outcome “a good compromise.” The City Council dropped its effort to reconstitute the appointments to the seven members RLB. He also commented on the success of the last two years where the tone of the City Council has done a 180 where there’s no yelling and division but working together as a  body. He also pointed to the vast majority of votes being 8-1 or 9-0 and working with the Administration should  all be part of the norm.

Around the 21 minute  mark, Ramos tees off on the  misgivings about Ravi Bhalla’s broken pomise and seond job with a Republican law firm. “This is a huge gray area, I’d liked to see cleaned  up, ” he says adding, “the mayor falls under the directors (codified standards)… actually is the Public Safety Director.”

The issue has plagued Ravi Bhalla as the Hoboken public questions the particulars of his $60,000 law firm job with a politically connected law firm with a fat commission structure for delivering new business.

“City’s best practices say it shouldn’t be done… It’s in the public’s best interest to shed light into that.”  Ramos said the public has a level of discomfort with Bhalla’s broken promise to work only as Hoboken mayor.

In his lifetime as a Hoboken resident, Ramos notes, “No one outside of Mayor Bhalla has had a second job.”

The Council President also comes out in support of Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise in the brewing HudCo war.

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