Council President Peter Cunningham: Updates post Hurricane Sandy

From the desk of Hoboken City Council President Peter Cunningham:

Long day for us all.  Cell phone service is still problematic.  And we still have no power like many of you.  

So where are we now?

The National Guard is here supporting our HFD in search and rescue.  Most of that is taking place in west central Hoboken, which is like a bath tub.  The City is in discussions with the County and North Hudson Sewerage Authority in pumping out the lowest sections of town.  Residents in these areas as well as the rest of the city have been displaced to three shelter locations – Sts Peter and Paul, St. Matthews and the Wallace School.  There is a need for food and water for these locations.  Staging is taking place at the Hoboken High School at 8th and Clinton.  If you can volunteer, you are greatly needed.  Please call the following 201-293-6644/45/47/48 to be deployed, or City Hall.

Now for the water situation.  The water is fine, and not contaminated and/or subject to shut off despite terrible rumors that was the case.

Now for the power.  PSE&G is working hard to restore power.  Substations are still in part submerged and need to be dried out and /or cleaned before they can be powered up.  We are now looking at Monday, maybe later, or sooner.  I’ll update you on this progress as it’s most impacting to so many of us.

Hoboken Terminal is still closed, so restoring bus service is unknown at this time.  However, ferries out of north Hoboken are in operation.

With limited power, street lights and traffic lights are out.  It’s very dangerous out there, and fuel resources are limited.  So please drive only if absolutely necessary.

I know there’s more to report, and will do so tomorrow.  Until then, please pass this along and advise on any other questions and concerns.  Thanks for all those that have volunteered their time, energy (electrical too) to help our fellow Hobokenites

Peter Cunningham

Part of the media and crowd at yesterday’s press conference by Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  
Hundreds were in attendance to hear the latest on developments for the City of Hoboken.

Talking Ed Note: Unconfirmed Hoboken Police report says “search and rescue” operations will be mounted again this morning at 9:00.

If you need assistance or wish to be placed on a list to be picked up, please contact 201-239-6644.

The City of Hoboken has asked for volunteers to report at City Hall – 94 Washington Street.

Hoboken Police Department is saying no one is being blocked from driving into the City of Hoboken.  (Unconfirmed.)

Downtown access points much improved and while cars can’t drive in and out through southern point of Observer, others can and access Target, ATMs, etc. on Jersey City side.

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