Council President Peter Cunningham: Hoboken’s challenges

Hoboken – October 30th – 7:05 PM

From the desk of Hoboken City Council President Peter Cunningham:

For many of us, no all of us, it has been a challenging 48 hours.  Call to arms to protect ourselves, friends and family; dealing with the storm in many ways and now the clean up.

We have no power, like most of Hoboken, but we are at least dry.  

We don’t know when the power will come up, but the major concerns to PSE&G to day was to de-energize downed wire, and dry out the substations, before they power them up.  I was told earlier today next Monday the latest, however now I am hearing it could be Tuesday.  Hopefully it will come up sooner.

Big problem for me (and others) not being able to communicate, was not having access.  I have ATT, and the service has been very poor.  Plus, no access to my bulk emails, which is why I went to Face Book, and suggested Reverse 911.  Reverse 911 is where the City calls you with periodic update.  I tried to post to Face Book through iPhone, but somehow it did not take.  Very challenging and frustrating.

For those without power, there are many generous neighbors in and around the 5th ward with charging stations outside their homes.  Wander your neighborhood and you will find them.  Lot’s of folks helping others with pumping out their basements and first level apartments.

Please subscribe to Nixles, and “like” the City’s Facebook page.  Be well, and I’ll be in touch.  Let me know if there there are specific concerns, and anything else that I can do.

Peter Cunningham

Uptown on Clinton Street: improving but some problem areas.  Power is a big issue throughout town.

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