Council President Giattino Alarmed by Zimmer’s Lack Of Disclosure of $8.35 Million Liability

Official release:

 For the past several weeks I have been reviewing in subcommittee Mayor Zimmer’s proposal to extend the Suez Water contract with the City of Hoboken.  My fellow finance subcommittee colleagues, Councilmembers Cunningham and Fisher and I had raised a number of concerns to the Administration – in particular the approximate $8.35 million liability that had not been previously disclosed to the public.  In an email to the Administration on August 30th, we expressed this concern and requested a meeting with the City’s auditor to review the accounting, disclosure and appropriations treatment for the liability.  The Administration declined our request.    

The auditor and the City’s financial consultant attended last night’s council meeting and after hearing both speak on the matter, my concerns are now greater that the substantial liability has not been properly accounted for and that an independent investigation into this matter is warranted.  I cannot speak for them, but I am confident that the majority of the City Council feels similarly.   

I am also offended by the prepared remarks read by the Mayor at the meeting, attacking me and my council colleagues and alleging the concerns raised by the council were politically motivated.  I am disappointed that after over six years supporting her and her agenda, that Mayor Zimmer would feel compelled to make such politically charged and baseless statements.  She should know that I will always challenge and engage in healthy debate to ensure we are doing what is right and what is best for Hoboken.  I am hopeful that all involved will consider the best interests of our residents and work to resolve this serious matter.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to share your views or discuss further.


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