Council President Cunningham: We win with the grass roots

From the desk of City Council President Peter Cunningham:

As you all know, (but will remind you) I am in full support of Mayor Zimmer and her slate of candidates – Councilman Bhalla, Councilman Mello and Jim Doyle.  We have had much success in the last four years, even in the face of relentless push back from the rest of our fellow coucilmembers.  It has been an even tougher year as an 8 member council, but we persevered and managed to at least pass the budget.

Now it’s time to get back on track and finish the jobs we have set out to accomplish.  To do so, is to re-elect Mayor Zimmer, Councilmembers Bhalla and Mello, and elect Jim Doyle.  Please see website for additional information on candidate achievements, issues and vision.
To accomplish our goal takes money and volunteerism.  Speaking with many of you over the last couple of weeks, there has been a strong expression of both, and that’s great. Grass roots is the way we have won in the past, and we will do it again!  We don’t do it with special interest and big money, we do it with local contributions and hard work from within the community.

This Saturday will be an excellent opportunity to volunteer for the campaign, meet fellow supporters and canvass the city, your neighborhood, to help spread the word and identify our base.  Secondly, I will be co-hosting with Scott Katz a fundraiser and rally for the campaign Tuesday, October 22nd at 10th and Willow Bar and Grill.  Please hold the date with more details to follow, and send this note around to your neighbors and friends.  Look forward to seeing you this weekend and Oct 22nd.

When:  Saturday, October 5th at Noon
Where:  Zimmer Team HQ — 92 Garden Street
Why:  Canvas Kickoff 

RSVP: to Zimmer Team’s Campaign Manager, Mollie Binotto: (and please let Mollie know your Ward/District so she can get your materials ready for you).

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