Council President Cunningham on elections and possible election fraud

From the desk of Council President Peter Cunningham:
Congrats to president Obama, Senator Menendez and Congressman Sires for running a successful campaign.  It’s now time to put partisan politics aside and get something done for the people in Washington.
The same holds true locally.  As of now, Kids First, who has been doing a terrific job in turning around our public school system and positioning it to be world class, has a lead on the machines.  They should win this election.  But because of the storm, and more importantly the massive uncounted absentee ballots from the other side, we will not know until November 20th for the outcome.  Vote tallies:
Ruthy McAllister had 3,498 votes; Jean Marie Mitchell, 3,223 votes and Tom Kluepfel, 3,426 votes.
The Move Forward slate trails with Elizabeth Markevitch 2,844, Anthony Oland 2,513, and Felice Vazquez 2,488. 
Patricia Waiters has 987 votes.
There were several provisional ballots cast yesterday, and numerous other problems at the polls due to the storm, redistricting, and other problems I have not gotten to the bottom of as yet.  Many thanks to those that stayed the course, exercised patience and executed on their right to vote and make a difference.  Now here come the absentee ballots.  You might think that we have enough to finish this off.  From our lowest to their highest it’s a difference of 379 votes on the machine.  We have seen illegal vote by mail (VBM) ballots totaling 750 in one shot.  That is how the 4th ward was won last two elections.  It can illegally turn an election on a dime.
If more that 675 votes are counted in their favor, they win the election, and that would be extremely disappointing.  It would negate many years of public school reform Kids First has worked so hard to achieve.  Let it be known that minority council members are entrenched with minority school board members in running interference against reform policies to put kids first.
If you applied for a “legal” absentee ballot by 5pm yesterday, that vote can be counted.  Regardless of outcome, it will never be a referendum on their (minority council) policies.  It’s time to put our local partisan politics aside and get more substantive results for the people of Hoboken!
Peter Cunningham

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