Council meeting: Russo’s go off, Ma calls Council President “Saddam Hussein”

The big news not to be overshadowed is the removal of the last major obstacle allowing the sale of the Hoboken University Medical Center to Holdco but there was a City Council meeting and with some important legislation passed, an ugly incident and again its source is the Russo clan.

During the meeting a vote was called by Council President Ravi Bhalla.  Councilwoman Terry Castellano instead of submitting her vote said she wished to make an amendment.  The Council President insisted the vote be continued as part of the governing rules of the council in Roberts Rules of Order.

The Russo clan likes to follow the rules, unless they don’t.  Then you are called “Saddam Hussein.”

Councilman Michael Russo refused. And refused.  And refused.  The vote continued but the out of order behavior continued with Russo, Castellano and then a babbling Tim Occhipinti.  During a vote, the rules are clear that only voting is permitted.

At one point Councilman Russo was so out of order, the Council President called for the policeman to come and stay up front in case he was needed to remove Councilman Russo. To this Councilman Russo was aghast.  He finally simmered down enough to allow the meeting to move forward.

It’s been somehow lost on the Council of No the rules apply to them and they no longer make them up as they go as they did under Beth Mason in her short and abbreviated abusive control over the body.

Later people heard Michael Russo’s mother, Michele “five-bucks-a-tow” Russo call Council President Ravi Bhalla thusly, He’s a dictator.  He’s Saddam Hussein.”

Undoubtedly, she was keeping with the spirit of her son and his allies.

Talking Ed Note: Councilman Ravi Bhalla noted at the end of the meeting correctly that he called a vote and Councilwoman Terry Castellano aka “the sniper” makes snide comments out of order at almost every meeting.  He added that Councilman Michael Russo acts like a bully but he won’t be bullied.

Russo was acting like a bully to the Council President and was out of order in doing so.  He insists on following Roberts Rules of Order but doesn’t follow them.  Beth Mason trampled the rules and basic decorum in countless meetings almost from the moment she took the gavel.  She ran a political operation against the public, changing the order of speakers for her political operative Lane Bajardi who also doubles as her friend and who is not paid for friendship.  MSV uncovered that by not cooperating with the manipulation and heard a lot of laughter because of it.

Mason also turned her bad behavior on her colleagues numerous times, breaking standard procedure on allowing members to introduce an ordinance.  Ironically, the ordinance she refused to allow the sponsor to speak on, campaign finance reform – finally passed just tonight.

Did the Russo clan or Occhipinti ever complain?

For the record, you can not introduce a motion when a vote is in process.  The Council President initiates the vote and it’s not to be interrupted.  The Council of No act like petulant children and complain their rights are being violated as they deface the institution they are suppose to represent.

Maybe the Council of No will learn to observe the rules and show some respect for the Council President, the Council as a whole and the City of Hoboken.

Just don’t hold your breath waiting.  Bring on the Feds!

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