4th ward Council Candidate Rami Pinchevsky comes up spraying lead on wheeling

Last night’s council meeting had a different tone, some of it good, much of it bad and it will lead to tears and cheers come May 10th.  This town’s future of decent governance is at stake and the forces aligned against it are determined to make a good show of keeping the dark cloud situated over City Hall.

Council candidate Rami Pinchevsky summed up much of the conflict last night on the updated anti-wheeling ordinance sponsored by Councilman Peter Cunningham.  He addressed several of the conflicts in the Beth Mason-Tim Occhipinti relationship namely: money, lots of it.

While the law says a $2,600 individual contribution is the maximum, Councilwoman Beth Mason pumped at least $13,000 or $15,000 perhaps $20,000 via her campaign committee and other illicit avenues.

Da Horsey was so inspired by Rami Pinchevsky’s address, there was nothing to do but follow his lead.

There was some bad governance on display again last night with “chicken hawk” attempts to cut further the salary of the mayor and the directors.  Those salaries have already been reduced and attempting to do so again right before the election was political grandstanding at its finest, or worst depending on your defintion. Apparently the Directors are doing too professional a job so the goal is to lower their salaries again to the point where they can’t afford to perform in service to Hoboken. (Finally new parking meter hardware was approved expected to add $1,000,000 in revenue to the city when fully implemented.) In short, the Directors who are leading the improvements across town in ways large and small are being targeted for extinction.

MSV now gives you Rami Pinchevsky with a co-starring performance lacking any decorum from the petulant Tim Occhipinti:

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