Corporation Counsel Kates on Condon matter: No violation

Corporation Counsel Michael Kates submitted his report on the Condon matter to the City Council and the documentation is available for release.  In his conclusion he states there was no violation of pay-to-play and recommends no action on the current charges by Councilwoman Mason on her colleagues Council President Peter Cunningham and Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

It’ll be interesting to see the reaction by Councilwoman Mason who based on a recent story by has two consulting firms currently on her payroll.  Will they advise she apologize?  As many recall, Councilman Peter Cunningham was away to attend a funeral for his mother-in-law when Councilwoman Mason launched an attack in a City Council meeting on him and also Councilman Bhalla in what she called the “most blatant” violation of pay-to-play.

MSV is going to guess no paid consultant would advise Councilwoman Mason to apologize for her over the top attacks.  Their checks are cashed on coming up with new ways to attack not apologize (when they aren’t making election flyers with no election in sight on behalf of the Councilwoman).

A recent story by the Newark Star Ledger is raising questions about Mayor Booker and his contracts issued to many parties, including one attached to Ravi Bhalla’s firm in Hoboken.  Although there are many questions worth asking, it’s clear no law was broken.  Fair questions are worth asking all around.

The local POG group has a statement issued at the uptown smear merchant of Hoboken411.  It’s quite odd that such a statement would appear on that site, known for its censorship and blanket support of Councilwoman Mason (and the ex-mayor Peter Cammarano).  As many questions arise on how that happened and the linking of a Newark contract to various elected officials in Hoboken where no such link exists.  In addition, no one from the local POG group has even spoken to Councilman Ravi Bhalla on this to our knowledge.

There’s already quite a discussion kicked off at Hoboken Revolt.  Lots of hot air, demands from Hoboken411 minions and political operatives (re: Mason hatchet wielders) for Councilman Bhalla to resign but no indication of any law broken.

Let’s see where the questions take us all around before we start the executions shall we?

In the interim, here’s the full Condon report from Corporation Counsel Kates.  Be sure to read the comprehensive conclusion on all the respective parties.

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