Corporate Counsel on Public Safety Audit

Prior to the City Council meeting, MSV had an opportunity to raise the question of the legal issue surrounding the call for the Public Safety Audit for the Hoboken Police Department and the questions surrounding the draft document.  As raised in the Hoboken Forum on by a reader, we posed a speculative question (albeit reluctantly) on the idea of the Mayor’s office releasing the incomplete findings and the repercussions.
Mr. Kates indicated the were two issues with the idea; first it was an ethics violation and it would lead to a credibility issue with a new Governor.  Considering that the Zimmer Administration is also just getting underway since the November election, there’s not a lot of capital to be gained in acting in such a manner.
This is the last time we’ll be approaching the Corporate Counsel with such a speculative request.  For those who did not see the City Council meeting, it’s a good idea to check out the stream and see the public portion at the end.  There was quite a bit of interest from the public in seeing Trenton and specifically Director Susan Jacobucci finally release the report.  And that’s putting it mildly.
MSV along with the Hudson Reporter are following up seeking answers from Trenton and we’d like a response from Director Susan Jacobucci.  We’ll be following up on this story and having spoken with our counterpart at the Hudson Reporter, we know they are focusing on getting a result too.
This is quickly escalating to Gov. Christie’s office.  We’ll let people know how to effectively take a stand on behalf of Hoboken.  It’s just at that point.

Five minutes on the phone will go a long way.  But first, let’s see what happens in the next business day.  Time’s up!

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