Corner Cars program under duress

The successful Hertz Corner Cars program is under duress and will be facing a critical vote on the parking spaces spread around town this Wednesday as the first item on the City Council meeting’s agenda.

Councilman Mike Russo says he needs more information but he’s been given all the answers to his often hostile line of questioning to Director Ian Sacs on the program at almost every City Council meeting of late.

If he needs more information, no doubt it’s available. The mayor also sent a detailed communication to all City Council members last week.  Perhaps the councilman will get the outstanding answers he seeks before the vote on the matter at this Wednesday’s meeting.

One can only hope.

The Hudson Reporter detailed its story and now has an online poll to go with its story.

Those interested can participate in their new poll.–POLL-BELOW-Could-Corner-Cars-get-the-boot—Last-week%E2%80%99s-City-Council-vote-may-scuttle-program-?instance=lead_story_left_column

Hertz Corner Car in Hoboken – the program’s success continues in the face of a CC threat to end it.

Talking Ed Note: Although the almost 1,000 users of the program lead very busy lives as many in town, it’s going to be important that some detail their experience with the program at the City Council meeting Wednesday night.

Recently Da Horsey had a first look with using a Corner Car and can say after owning a car in Hoboken almost all the time, it’s one great option for those who need one less than daily.

Frankly, it’s baffling such a successful program would be finding such curious reluctance in the City Council.  It reminds those active viewers of the Council proceedings of the county bond discount vote.  The opposition to the low cost county bond on purchasing the Municipal Garage was reducing the lease cost of about $100,000 to a mere fraction.  Until the deadline, the Council of No stood united against doing so.  Then sanity prevailed and voila, the bond passed unanimously.  Let’s hope similar sanity prevails here and the people’s business moves forward.

Related: Grafix Avenger provides an interesting analysis of the program in the wards where Council members in a most curious first reading vote, bravely said no to the 1,000 Hoboken residents already signed up and the innovative program.


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