“Conflicted” action from a usual suspect

Which BoE trustee made a grandstanding play to a room of concerned HoLa parents followed by a motion to block Superintendent Mark Toback from presenting his public letter to the NJ Department of Education?

The failed succeeding resolution by this BoE trustee is also the same person who has a direct parental interest in the HoLa charter school and and a rather large conflict.

His wife is employed by HoLa.

And who would this rabble rouser of Old Guard conflict be?

The Old Guard conflict of interest raises its head once again.  BoE trustee Carmelo Garcia who will soon need to resign
should have stepped down from the dais on any discussion let alone any vote regarding the HoLa school.
He made an illegal motion against the letter of Dr. Mark Toback but it surfaced his wife works for HoLa.
No reflection on the concerned HoLa parents last night but this is exactly what this town is battling to stop.

Talking Ed Note: The thorny issue of being for or against HoLa expansion is wrought with complexities on all sides.  In the end, the NJ Department of Education will make the call.  In the interim, let’s conduct a discussion with all views welcome, no personal attacks and no censorship.

As for Carmelo Garcia, add this to his venal list of faults among others far more serious with his Vision Money/Money scam atop the list.

Hey, did anyone get this on tape?  Please consult with Garcia’s personal recording library for more information.

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