Confirmed: Cammarano’s two week stay ends Monday

Peter Cammarano who MSV confirmed in an earlier exclusive had avoided prison for two weeks on his scheduled date of September 20th will in fact be heading to the clink on Monday.

MSV’s exclusive, “Cammarano’s neither gone nor forgotten,” is confirmed by another story by Andrew Tavani filed today for Hoboken Patch.  The story details the reason for the two week delay – Cammarano filed an appeal not to be put into Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center.  Instead his attorney Joe Hayden filed an appeal Cammarano be sent to the federal facility in Lewisburg, PA, a far more hospitable domain.

Scene from the Monday protest in City Hall after Cammarano refused to resign a day after his arrest.

MSV had earlier noted Hayden sought to have Cammarano do his two year stretch at Lewisburg.  But until the appeal was approved, Cammarano was headed to a dingier and rougher place to do his time in Brooklyn, closer to Hoboken but far less desireable.

Back at the time of his arrest, supporter Perry Belfiore describe the situation this way, “Right now a dream has been put on hold.”

On Monday, Cammarano goes to jail.  There are no conjugal visits in Lewisburg.  The “dream” is dead.  Justice even in Club Fed will finally be served.

Related: The Jersey Journal reported the story after Cammarano’s arrest focusing on the “locked in” crowd.  The comments offer a particularly insightful view.

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