Community Meeting coming on rash of Hoboken burglaries

From the desk of Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Councilwoman Marsh and I will be coordinating a
community meeting with a constituent from the neighborhood, Jon Tooke,
Director of Public Safety and the Hoboken Police Department to be held

Please stay tuned as we develop a program based in large part on the
rash of burglaries in our neighborhoods, set a location and time.  In
the interim, please forward your comments to us round out the agenda,
be sure to securely lock your doors (as you should all the time) and
be safe.  I am not taking an alarmist, but a cautious approach to our
situation, and suggest we all do the same.

Thanks, Peter

Peter Cunningham

Council members Carol Marsh and Peter Cunningham (l) plan a community meeting
with the Public Safety Director and HPD.

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