Committeeman Antonio Grana: “I voted with Column F for Dave Mello”

But Antonio Grana didn’t vote Column F for only one candidate against his Column E colleagues as he originally claimed

After rechecking and seeking more sources on who Antonio Grana voted for at the Hoboken Democratic Committee, a number of people said he voted against his Column E committee colleagues more than once.

Grana claimed Wednesday in a phone interview to only vote for Column F the one time it cynically put forward Dave Mello for a committee leadership position.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla, a former Hoboken Democratic Committee Chair acknowledged he saw Antonio Grana vote for Column F candidate “Uncle” George DeStefano, a family member of and political ally of the Russo Clan.

“I happened to be watching the (Kurt) Gardiner vote and was shocked” Bhalla said upon witnessing Grana vote for Column F’s DeStefano. “Saw it with my own eyes and even briefly discussed it with him.  He didn’t deny it and didn’t have any explanation.”

Councilman Peter Cunningham who introduced the slate and stood for much of the meeting also questioned Grana’s voting for Column F candidates. “I actually had a good position standing in front of Kurt (Gardiner). He may have voted against Kurt and it’s possible he voted for both candidates (Column E and Column F) on other votes too.”

Others said they were similarly appalled agreeing that Grana had not voted as claimed.

MSV reached out late last night to Antonio Grana and by phone earlier today to inquire further on his committee votes but received no response.

The Hoboken Democratic Committee votes are recorded by hand vote.

Talking Ed Note: After digging in to independent sources, a number of people believed there were inconsistencies with the claim by Antonio Grana of only voting for Column F cynically putting up Dave Mello.

This story is a re-correction atop the homepage as a result. MSV withdraws its apology to Mr. Grana and the earlier correction issued.

Hoboken Democratic Committee Column E celebrates its win Monday night
but not everyone on the slate was on the same page.
Antonio Grana is questioned for his Column F votes against his Column E colleagues.

Originally published on MSV June 14th

In a phone conversation earlier, Hoboken Democratic Committeeman and Hoboken Zoning Board commissioner Antonio Grana indicated the earlier MSV story citing his votes for Column F candidates “was not correct.”

MSV had previously written Grana voted for Column F candidates in its second hand report, Notes from Underground” about the Democratic Committee election.

Grana said he voted for Dave Mello, not other Column F candidates because Dave Mello “has been a supporter and sponsor of mine.

As for the other Column F candidates, Grana said he voted in opposition saying, “I voted with the rest of my slate.”

MSV apologizes for not speaking to Mr. Grana sooner and will double-check the sourcing on the original story.

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